Authorized Distributor of Velvex AdBlue and SIRSUSTI AdBlue in Kerala

Velvex AdBlue is an Aqueous Urea Solution contains 32.5% Technical grade Urea mix with DM Water used as NOx reducing agent in vehicles fitted with SCR after treatment device to meet latest emission requirements. Unlike diesel, AdBlue is a clear, non-toxic liquid that is safe to handle and does not damage the environment. AdBlue is not a fuel or fuel additive. AdBlue is a high specification solution and is manufactured to the DIN 70070 and ISO 22241 standards.


  • Clear Non-toxic, Non-Polluting and Non- Hazardous Liquid
  • Very Much Environmental Friendly
  • It is approved by VDA, Germany
  • Improves Fuel Economy

Sirusti AdBlueR has 32.5% high purity SCR urea, 67.5% third stage DI water and is suitable for all types of trucks, buses, public buses, construction machinery that meet the manufacturer standards and meets warranty requirements. Sirusti AdBlue is approved by VDA. The certification by VDA is a testament to the product quality, production and administrative excellence of Sirusti Polymer, as according to ISO 222 41 standards. Sirusti AdBlue Helps vehicles to meet BS IV and BS VI emission standards.


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